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Janine Kelly from kitchener, Canada

A beautiful shot of a somewhat lost architecture.

7 Jul 2009 1:57am

@Janine Kelly: Thanks, Janine. This steeple grabbed my attention for a few days before I was able to get it in the right light. The steeple is a nice piece of architecture, especially when you can see the rest of the church's nondescriptness (is that word?).

Laralo from Vanves, France

Janine's right, that big pillar seems a little lost - expecially with the tiny little cross at the top that contasts with the solid base of it.
Beautiful shot.

7 Jul 2009 12:44pm

@Laralo: I belive that Janine was speaking of the style of architecture and its retreat from the plans of all the new designs that are springing up. The little cross at the top does seem interesting, but anything larger would probably ruin the line of the steeple and make it disproportionate...and no longer an eye catcher.

Charlene from Albuquerque, United States

You capture the essences of life - I am so moved!

29 Aug 2009 6:40am

@Charlene: thank you, ma'am!