Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your time and energy. Be encouraged, your constructive critique is welcome.
- Peace

aLv|N from Melbourne, Australia

Love this shot! Nice capture!

28 Feb 2009 2:09pm

@aLv|N: Thanks, one of my favorites too.

john4jack from Corvallis, United States

Marvelous shot! I for some reason really like having the person in it.

28 Feb 2009 2:43pm

@john4jack: Thanks!

DarkElf from Perth, Australia

nicely captured! good shutter speed - the water has the smooth effect and yet you can feel the speed and power of it coming down!

2 Mar 2009 12:24am

@DarkElf: Thanks it took a number of captures to find the angle and efect that I liked.

mohkum from Muscat, Oman

Great shot indeed! Nicely composed. The effect with such a shutter speed is very fine.

3 Mar 2009 1:24pm

@mohkum: Cool. Thank you.

Eleftheria from Athens, Greece


3 Mar 2009 4:50pm

@Eleftheria: Yeah, it was great in person too!

DenisSm from Prague, Czech Republic

very nice one water fall......tell me Anthony, who is there taking shower ?

5 Mar 2009 8:33pm

@DenisSm: Denis,
Thanks for your comment. The young man under the falls is my 17-year old son. he shows up in another of my postings, next to the falls.

Taylor from Charlotte, United States

I love that the figure is obscured - don't see it right away - but it adds a wonderful dimension to the image.

11 Mar 2009 11:28am

@Taylor: Thanks. I'm glad that I left the figure as a part of the image and not the focus of the falls.

EYES WIDE SHUT from The library of my soul, United Kingdom

Utterly beautiful, Anthony. Yep, your son in the shot really works. Cool composition

23 Mar 2009 9:12pm

@EYES WIDE SHUT: Awesome! Thank you!

Edward James from New Hampshire, United States

Oh wow. I saw this and liked it right off the bat. Then I saw the person at the bottom of the falls and I loved it. This is sooo good. I would definitely hang this on my wall. The person adds so much to this. Maybe because he/she makes the waterfall look so big.

3 Apr 2009 11:05pm

@Edward James: Thank you, Edward, for your comments - I really appreciate them.

Eric Rousset from Grasse, France

Nice waterfall

22 May 2009 4:18pm

@Eric Rousset: It is, isn't it?!