Anthony Thomason Photography

About Anthony Thomason Photography

Shoot, Eat, Sleep. Shoot, Eat, Sleep...Love...

Anthony has always loved living life and finds its cycle amazing. In 1990, while living in Japan, he discovered a way to capture, express, and share these events with others - PHOTOGRAPHY!

Anthony has experienced life as a classically trained musician, a post-secondary school basketball athlete, a ranch hand cowboy (chasing love into the great northwestern territory of the U.S.), a United States Marine, Sales Manager, Drama Director, Creative Media Director, Worship Arts Director, and again as a Photographer.

Maybe all this living has helped Anthony to better see, receive, and express the life that he experiences. To that end, he strives to be "receptive, receptive to the image at the moment it appears..." (Gaston Bachelard in Poetics of Space, edited by Steven Yates, University of New Mexico Press, 1995)

Call or e-mail Anthony and talk to him about creatively expressing you, your family, or your event with a mix of truth, art, and imagination.

* A huge thank you to photographer friend, Sandie Mosher, for the image at the left.